Written & Unsent

The Vulture & The Sparrow

Released by Fluttery Records, September 8th 2016

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 "Soothing and subtle at times, but powerful and energetic at others. Written & Unsent is a testament to the versatility of the piano, and how the instrument alone can move you."

"...another jewel from Mathew Roth"


New Tracks

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"Immersion is a trip backwards, an evocative reminder of a sound that lives in my head.." ~ UnRecorded

"Listening through to this album is an undeniable pleasure." ~ Arctic Drones

"A minimalist-flavored recording, Immersion features a haunting piano tone with elegantly written cello and violin passages sure to have you thinking of Darren Aronofsky’s The Fountain." ~ The Woodshed

Released by Fluttery Records, December 5th, 2015

Released by Fluttery Records, March 5th 2016